I rescued this betta from my neighbor who was keeping it in a .5 gallon with no filter. I currently have it in a 10gallon with my minnows but as this is an unexpected situation , I don t have enough money to buy another tank. I know bettas can have tank mates , but prefer not to. I want to give this betta a nice life.
Moving in Dec, starting now to look for all the things I need for a place. I moved here a year ago and brought nothing but clothes. I was lucky enough to go to a place where all the household stuff was supplied but now moving out with a friend who also has nothing. We are hoping to save as much as we can to pay off student loans, anything would be greatly appreciated. I can store household stuf...
disabled veteran in need of discounted rate or preferably non-profit auto body repair work
I need Karaoke tracks on CD for an event THIS SATURDAY. I can even return them after the event if you want. Preferably not children's music. Event is in Eagleville at 5pm on Sat 10/20. I can pick up before that or you can drop at the church. Thank you.
We are a family of 7 looking for dining room table and chairs at least 8 seating.twin bed frames 3 or full. Thank you again in advance.
Would like a set of hand weights ( dumbbell or kettle bells)
Seeking shower chair for elderly person. Thank you
Seeking shower chair for elderly person. Thank you
PPA took my car for 13 yr. Old parking tickets my ex ran up. I need free transportation to get around. Text me at (215)720-6999 if you have a bicycle, electric bicycle or scooter.
Looking for a unwanted/unused skateboard so I can pick up a new hobby.
Hi, We need to replace the gas control valve on our stem boiler and appreciate any recommendations. Steam heat is different from water heat and not too many plumbers are truly knowledgeable. Thanks, Norma
In need of a HP envy power cord Your not using
ISO seed starting trays, with lights & multiple shelves.
PPA/City took my car for 13 yr old parking tickets my ex ran up. I need free transportation while I save to buy another one. Seeking any vehicle that rhns and is inspected.text me at (215)720-6999
Seeking men s dress clothing, suits, shirts , shoes, ties. Any nice dress clothes.
Looking for these for a kids party
I am looking for a few large(1+Gallon) glass jars to use for a candy buffet. Thank you in advance!
Looking for more Crochet "Big" Hooks ( I, J, K, L+) and Needles. Also - ALL TYPES OF YARN - in the Willow Grove, Abington, Hollywood, Cheltenham, Jenkintown areas to use with pre-teens during lunch time crochet and knit club. Thank You.
Looking for Fabric, Notions, Beads and even Fusible Interfacing For Sewing Club. I can travel to the Willow Grove, Abington, Hollywood, Cheltenham, Jenkintown areas. Thank You.
Looking for a guitar just to pick up the hobby. Don t need anything extravagant so if you have one sitting around and are feeling generous I d really appreciate it!
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