Moluccan Cockatoos for Sale 6 Months 2 Days Old I have a beautiful 6 Months old Molucan Cockatoo, Pair, Chipped, banded, Shots, and registered, for sale. This birds are very intelligent, has appeared on the Jay Leno Show and does a variety of tricks. Very lovable and loves being around people. Included rea full size cage with wheels. I am asking only $1000 The bird are still virgin, though I ha...
Friendly and loving Palm Black cockatoos on sale .They have never had a bad day and has always been cherished and loved. They are used to other animals and birds being around. Call or text:: 941 677 2881
Hand domesticated, friendly, baby talking Black Palm Cockatoos for sale. These birds are very friendly and they do not bite. They are 6 Months 4 days old. Since these birds are hand tamed, not hand-reared, they enjoy the outdoors and love to stay outside the cage. They also love the extra cuddles and attention. These birds are a perfect buy. These birds can enhance the hand. These beautiful bab...
Lovely funny friendly bird have no choice to let him go due to new job .Must go to a loving family he loves attention and will make you laugh for hours he's pretty nuts lol very funny personality will also come with large cage thanks for looking. jackgodwine@gmail.com 941 677 2881
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